41 Widescreen Summer Wallpapers

41 Widescreen Wallpapers

What a better way to start a site than a collection of summer themed wallpapers. These are widescreen (meaning atleast 1680×1050 resolution) and there’s 41 of them if I counted right. Other size wallpapers coming later.

Wallpaper Renditions – Bellagio’s Glass Flower Ceiling

a ferris wheel
a ferris wheel

Alone tree
Alone tree



Clown Fish at Flickr
Clown Fish

Over Caribbean at Flickr
Over Caribbean

Palmtree at Flickr

Feux du ciel / Sky Fire at Flickr
Feux du ciel / Sky Fire

05_fm_4_1600 at Flickr

Charlevoix at Flickr

Forêt après la pluie / Forrest After The Rain
Forêt après la pluie / Forrest After The Rain

Fly 1680x1050 Widescreen Wallpaper

Simply Spring
Simply Spring


Flowers 015

Photosho ][ Rural
Photosho ][ Rural

Une autre fin / Another End
Une autre fin / Another End

Caribbean Sunset

Hardrock Palms
Hardrock Palms

My Bliss Photo by =rthaut on deviantART

Wheat by ~joshwilcox on deviantART

Beach Stream At Dusk by =l8 on deviantART

The Ocean by ~kandiart on deviantART

Balloon Ride -WS by ~nuaHs on deviantART

Green Day by *iuneWind on deviantART

Mossy Wall I by =l8 on deviantART

Kirei desu by *tumb on deviantART

o-six by ~edenprojects on deviantART

Lagoon – 1680×1050 by ~krazyrandall on deviantART

Barley Field by =l8 on deviantART

Tha Pier by ~nuaHs on deviantART

AquaStar by ~edenprojects on deviantART

Kirkland Sunset 1920×1200 by ~Vova145 on deviantART

OS x 2 HDTV WIDE by =DigitalPhenom on deviantART

Dawn On The Deck by =l8 on deviantART

Long Road Ahead II by *tumb on deviantART

Today-Wall by *lemondesign on deviantART

Everglades IR Wallpaper by *The-Maxx on deviantART

Ocean Moon by ~kandiart on deviantART

Serenity by ~nuaHs on deviantART


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